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Teenager Acne pack: GRADE 3

Sale price3 413 SEK



Rx Phase:

Rx Phase

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Teenager Acne pack: GRADE 3
Teenager Acne pack: GRADE 3 Sale price3 413 SEK

The acne you struggle with is considered moderate to severe.

You experience inflammation presented as redness, swelling, papules (bumps) and pustules (pimples). Nodules (hard, deep and painful lesions) may also be present.

Since the lesions occur near to each other, they can spread and merge and look like crops. This may lead to skin damage, and even without squeezing, scarring can occur once healed. In severe acne, infection is deep within the skin.

This type of acne should ideally be evaluated by your dermatologist, as it can be painful and leave scars.

TEEN ACNE GRADE 3: Treatment Objectives

Increase cell turnover and smooth skin texture. Replace dull and dead skin cells with remodelled skin layers. Resurfacing procedures can induce new collagen formation with a more structured pattern.

Unclog pores: Dissolve and extract cellular debris and prevent skin cells from clumping together in pores.

Down-regulate the inflammatory response and prevent bacterial infiltration.

Protect and repair DNA damage with crucial UV protection, Retinol, and Niacinamide and Antioxidants.

Reduce and eliminate acne breakouts.

Regulate sebum (oil) production and secretion.


  • Acne / Breakouts
  • Congested Pores (Blackheads)
  • Oily & shiny skin with enlarged pores
  • Red and Inflamed skin


Customer Reviews

Based on 1302 reviews
Ryno Van Jaarsveld
Anti-aging Products

I am new to the Dermexcel product range and was initially very sceptical. After a month of using the anti-aging set, my skin feels and looks healthy. I have fewer breakouts and my pigmentation spots appear to be fading. Great products, value for money.

Aletta Japp

Very satisfied

Elizna Steyn

I can already feel and see a huge difference.

Santie Gelderblom
Feedback on using the AD products

My daughter-in-law introduced me to Dermexcel and I am extremely happy with the products. I don't have any dry spots anymore and my skin has never been so smooth. I am confident that with time it can improve even further. I will definitely recommend Dermexel to all I know.

Raydene Wakefield
Amazing products

Best products for my skin. My husband also started using my products and we can definitely see a difference.

Tanya Strydom
Dermexcel Review

I ordered the pigmentation pack a month ago and I absolutely love it! My skin feels soft and my skin does not break out anymore. When I do break out maybe once in 2 weeks, the mark disappear within 2 days. The products feel light on my skin.


Dermal Diagnosis by Dermal Health Science
GRADE 1 Mild Acne Grade 1 Acne

This is the least severe form of acne. It's characterized by occasional pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads that appear mainly on the face. The breakouts are usually not inflamed, and there's minimal, if any, discomfort. Many people experience this form of acne, especially during adolescence. Good skincare routines, including regular cleansing and medical-grade acne treatments, can control Grade 1 acne.

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GRADE 2 Moderate Acne Grade 2 Acne

Grade 2 acne is a more persistent and noticeable form of the condition. It's characterized by frequent breakouts of blackheads, whiteheads, and pustules (pimples that have come to a head). The skin may appear red and inflamed around the breakouts. This grade of acne may require more targeted medical-grade treatments, for example: Higher potency salicylic acid, and sebum regulating agents.

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GRADE 3 Moderately Severe Acne Grade 3 Acne

This grade of acne is more severe and is characterized by numerous inflamed pustules and papules (red, tender bumps), which can appear on the face, back, and chest. The skin often looks red and inflamed. There's a higher risk of scarring with Grade 3 acne, so it's important to seek professional medical advice. Treatments may include prescription topical treatments with a strict routine using targeted medical-grade product formulations.

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GRADE 4 Severe Acne (Cystic Acne) Grade 4 Acne

Grade 4 acne, also known as cystic acne, is the most severe form of the condition. It's characterized by numerous large, painful, inflamed nodules and cysts, which can lead to significant scarring. This type of acne can affect large areas of skin and can be resistant to over-the-counter treatments. It's important to seek help from a dermatologist, who may recommend treatments such as oral antibiotics, hormonal treatments, or isotretinoin (a powerful acne medication), together with a strict routine using targeted medical-grade product formulations.

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Medical-grade skin care products formulated according to pharmaceutical standards of purity, potency, and stability. All active ingredients, and the concentrations and dosing protocols in which they are used are supported by data published in the peer-reviewed medical literature.

DermExcel™ takes an easy, effective and affordable approach to evaluating and treating the skin. Targeted treatments to improve skin conditions and maintain skin health.