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Bamboo Makeup Remover Pad

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Sale priceHK$16.00

The Reusable Bamboo Cotton pad exemplifies a blend of sustainability and functionality. These pads reduce daily waste as a zero-waste alternative to single-use cotton wool pads. Woven from eco-friendly bamboo fibers, the pads display a sturdy yet gentle texture, apt for sensitive skin. Their reusability extends their lifespan and value; they can be hand-washed with cleanser or soapy water or included in machine laundry. Complementing Dermavue's Makeup Remover/Toner, these pads facilitate gentle application and thorough removal, bolstering skincare efficacy.

DermExcel™ | Bamboo Cotton Makeup Remover Pad
Bamboo Makeup Remover Pad Sale priceHK$16.00