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AOB Pregnancy - Treatment Pack

Acne Breakouts and Oily / Combination Skin during pregnancy.

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A thoughtfully curated skincare solution explicitly designed for expecting mothers dealing with oily skin and breakouts. Comprising an assortment of products, each is fortified with optimal concentrations of powerful yet safe ingredients. Using advanced skin penetration technology, these key constituents are crafted to elicit beneficial and visible changes in your skin, focusing on treating oily skin and breakouts while providing utmost safety during your treasured time of pregnancy.

This precision-crafted skincare regimen targets the root causes of oily skin and breakouts at a cellular level, working diligently to reduce excess oil, soothe inflammation, and prevent breakouts, while also enhancing skin texture and elasticity. A comprehensive lineup of active ingredients, notably including salicylic acid, aloe vera, zinc PCA, niacinamide, glycolic acid, arbutin, azelaic acid, and more, work in concert to balance sebum production, soothe skin, and expedite skin cell renewal—key steps in achieving clear, balanced, and youthful complexion.

This treatment pack holds the promise of cultivating clearer, balanced, and radiantly healthy skin. It represents the ideal blend of skincare for tackling oily skin and breakouts while promoting overall skin health, enabling expectant mothers to enjoy their natural radiance, clear complexion, and youthful vibrancy throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

AOB Pregnancy - Treatment Pack
AOB Pregnancy - Treatment Pack Sale priceHK$1,768.00 Regular priceHK$1,966.00