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Salicylic gel: Trial

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Salicylic Gel is a scientifically formulated chemical peeling treatment enriched with 5% Salicylic Acid, renowned for its potent anti-inflammatory, oil-regulating, and cell-resurfacing properties. This advanced gel is meticulously designed to combat acne and folliculitis by effectively inhibiting the growth of acne-causing bacteria. It efficiently reduces irritation and inflammation associated with these conditions, relieving troubled skin.

With its optimal concentration of Salicylic Acid, Salicylic Gel clears existing acne and folliculitis lesions, promoting a smoother and healthier complexion. By gently exfoliating the skin's surface, it aids in cell turnover, diminishing the appearance of blemishes and scars over time.

Featuring its primary active ingredient, Salicylic Acid, this targeted gel provides a safe and reliable solution to tackle breakouts effectively. Regulating the skin's sebum production helps prevent future breakouts, addressing the root cause of acne and folliculitis. Salicylic Gel is a valuable addition to any skincare routine, particularly for those seeking a scientifically backed solution to troublesome skin conditions.

DermExcel™ | Salicylic Gel
Salicylic gel: Trial Sale price£7.00 GBP