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Dermdefence SPF50: Trial

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Dermdefence SPF 50 is a pioneering sunscreen offering superior protection against the sun while preserving your skin's cellular and DNA health. The innovative formula exceeds standard UV protection, guarding against UVA, UVB, damaging infrared rays, and blue light. Offering wide-ranging protection bolsters your skin's restorative abilities, promoting a healthier and more resilient complexion.

This sunscreen stands out with its ability to halt the formation of UV radiation-induced free radicals, known to expedite skin aging and cause various skin conditions. By reducing UV-caused erythema, it actively fights visible aging signs. Dermdefence SPF 50 also contains antioxidants, Tinosorb S, Glycerin, and Squalane, making it an excellent choice for those with skin conditions like Acne, Rosacea, or Eczema.

Designed to be fragrance-free and anti-comedogenic, Dermdefence SPF 50 ensures no skin irritation or pore clogging. Its lightweight, non-greasy texture provides easy application and rapid absorption, without leaving a white cast.

Dermdefence SPF 50 also serves as a primer, providing a smooth finish for easy makeup application and ensuring a flawless look all day. Dermdefence SPF 50 provides unparalleled sun protection that will shield your skin and nurture its unique needs, maintaining its health and radiance.

DermExcel™ | Dermdefence SPF 50
Dermdefence SPF50: Trial Sale price€3,95 EUR