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SIZE: 400 mL

An Emollient-Rich and Lipid-Replenishing Body Cream Cleanser for Ichthyosis, Eczema, Psoriasis, and Other Dry Skin Conditions.

Creamy is a non-foaming moisturizing cleanser formulated to effectively soothe, nourish, and calm dry, itching, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and eczema-prone skin.

Cremedify contains Intelligent Lipid Bilayer technology that forms a double structural layer on the skin's surface to regulate water loss, strengthen and regenerate the skin's natural barrier and ensure long-lasting hydration.

Cremedify includes essential fatty acids to support the epidermal barrier and effectively clean sensitive and dry skin while improving overall skin health.

Take control of your skin's well-being with Cremedify, and embrace the transformative power of our scientifically-backed, ultra-gentle moisturizing cleanser.


Emollients are crucial in dermatological care, primarily because they enhance skin hydration and barrier function. Here's a brief overview of their physiological effects and roles in managing various skin conditions.


Humectants are a vital component in skincare, particularly for conditions characterized by impaired skin barrier function and excessive dryness. Their ability to attract and retain moisture in the skin makes them invaluable in both therapeutic and preventive dermatology.


Glycerin, also known as glycerol, is a simple polyol compound widely used in dermatology due to its excellent moisturizing properties.

Glycerin's excellent hydrating properties, combined with its ability to soothe and improve skin barrier function, make it a highly valued ingredient in treating and managing various dermatological conditions, particularly those involving dryness and compromised skin barrier.


Niacinamide offers several benefits for the skin, primarily due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It reduces the redness and inflammation associated with acne, rosacea, and other inflammatory skin conditions. Additionally, niacinamide's ability to improve the skin's barrier function benefits all skin types, particularly those with eczema or mature skin.

Another significant benefit of niacinamide is its role in reducing hyperpigmentation. Studies have shown that it can decrease the transfer of melanin to the epidermis, helping to fade dark spots and even out skin tone.

Niacinamide also plays a role in reducing the visible signs of aging. It has been found to stimulate collagen production and improve skin elasticity, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Its antioxidant properties further protect the skin from environmental damage, such as pollution and UV radiation, which contribute to premature aging.

The efficacy of niacinamide and its ability to address multiple skin concerns simultaneously has led to its growing popularity in both over-the-counter and prescription skincare formulations.

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential Fatty Acids: Nourishing Your Skin from Within

In the realm of dermatological science, essential fatty acids (EFAs) have emerged as unsung heroes, offering a multifaceted approach to improving skin health in patients with conditions such as eczema and dry skin. 

Cremedify Sale price€24,95 EUR
  • Dry and dehydrated skin: Soothe, nourish, and calm dry skin by providing long-lasting hydration and supporting the skin's natural barrier.
  • Compromised skin barrier: Intelligent Lipid Bilayer technology helps to regulate water loss, strengthen, and regenerate the skin's natural barrier.
  • Ichthyosis / Itching: The moisturizing and calming ingredients in Cremedify help alleviate itching associated with dry skin.
  • Psoriasis: Aids in the management of psoriasis by moisturizing the skin, reducing redness, and supporting the skin's natural barrier function.
  • Sensitive skin: Gentle formulation suitable for individuals with sensitive skin, providing effective cleansing without irritation.
  • Atopic dermatitis / Eczema: Reinforce the skin's natural barrier and address the symptoms of eczema, including dryness, itching, and inflammation.
  • Apply a generous amount on dry or damp skin before getting in the bath or shower.
  • Step into the bath or shower and gently rinse off the cleanser, not rubbing the skin vigorously.
  • Pat yourself dry with a clean, soft towel. Avoid rubbing or excessive friction, as this may cause irritation.
  • For optimal results, follow up with Dermaplan Curexema™ directly after getting out of the bath or shower while skin is still damp.
  • Use Cremedify™ moisturizing body cleanser daily as part of your regular shower or bath routine.

Active ingredients

  • Eml
  • Humectants
  • Gl
  • Nc4
  • Essential Fatty Acids

Full ingredient list

White soft paraffin, glycerin, purified water, cetomacrogol, paraffinum liquidum, ethyl hexyl glycerin & phenoxyethanol, cetyl alcool, isostearate, potassium cetyl phosphate, cetyl stearate, stearic acid, niacinamide, decyl glucoside, lauryl glucoside, sodium hyaluronate.



Gentle Cleansing

Effective skin cleansing while preserving and enhancing the skin's natural oils.


The creamy texture provides a soothing application experience, minimizing friction and irritation during the cleansing process.

Locks in moisture

Draw moisture into the skin and lock it in, providing long-lasting hydration.

Reduce Inflammation

Reduce and soothe redness and inflammation in eczema-affected skin.

Barrier Repair

Supports the natural skin barrier and strengthen the skin's defenses against irritants and allergens.


Free from common irritants such as harsh surfactants, fragrances, and dyes.



  • Skin that feels and looks rough and dry
  • Dull skin tone
  • Flaking skin
  • A feeling of skin tightness
  • Itchy uncomfortable skin
  • Ashy appearance

Optimal skin barrier vs.

Disrupted skin barrier




Cremedify mode of action

moisturizing & barrier repair

  • Lipid Bilayer Technology amplifies lipid production and replenish the lamellar bilayers that are critical for normal barrier function and antimicrobial defence.
  • They are quickly absorbed into the underlying nucleated cell layers, where they incorporate into lamellar bodies.
  • This Barrier Repair Therapy furthermore reduce inflammation by several mechanisms, leading to a smoother surface with less friction and greater light refraction.

Replenish lipid bilayers critical for normal barrier function.

  • Emollients soften and smooth the skin. They function by filling the gaps between skin cells and replace missing lipids.
  • They function by filling the gaps between skin cells and replacing the missing lipids.
  • Emollients flatten the curled edges of the individual skin cells (corneocytes), leading to a smoother surface with less friction and greater light refraction.

Fill the gaps between skin cells and replace missing lipids.

  • Humectants are water-soluble materials with high water absorption capabilities.
  • They draw moisture from the air into the skin and/or draw moisture from the dermis into the epidermis.
  • Humectants can help to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by plumping up the skin, giving it a more youthful appearance.

Attract water to the skin to maintain its moisture balance.

  • Creates a protective layer on top of the skin that locks in moisture and prevent transepidermal water loss (TEWL).
  • The barrier formed by occlusives also protects the skin from external irritants such as pollutants, allergens, and harsh weather conditions, contributing to skin sensitivity and damage.
  • For dry, cracked, or irritated skin, occlusives provide immediate relief by covering the affected area and preventing further moisture loss, allowing the skin to heal more effectively.

Creates a protective layer on top of skin to lock moisture in.



Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Lenora Miller
First Hand Treatment

I've been using it for 1 month and I can feel and see the difference. I'll definately purchase it again.

Firsthand treatment

Love it!!!! Non greasy and keeps my hands moisturised for hours!!!

Charmaine Dettmer


Telicia Annandale

Very satisfied with my product.

Telicia Annandale

Very satisfied with my product.

Mary Konopi
Firsthand treatment

Leaves my hands soft and well nourished.




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