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Congratulations on having your skin condition categorized as "Clear or Almost Clear." This means that symptoms of atopic dermatitis, such as itching, redness, and exudative changes, are absent or hardly noticeable. In other words, you show virtually no signs of eczema. Your skin has successfully managed to hold onto moisture and prevent irritants and allergens from penetrating its barrier.

Your current treatment plan is focused more on monitoring your skin rather than actively treating it. To keep your skin in this excellent condition, continue to use supportive emollients and hypoallergenic skin products. These should be the mainstay of your preventive skincare regimen. A skincare regimen with high-quality barrier repair moisturizers, such as Dermaplan formulations, can play a pivotal role in maintaining your skin's current state. These products aid in sustaining your skin's natural barrier function, ensuring it continues to effectively lock in moisture and guard against external irritants.

Even though your skin is doing well, it's still important to minimize potential triggers and protect your skin from inflammation. Gentle, hypoallergenic products can help maintain the calm state of your skin, preventing unnecessary irritation.

Sun exposure can have a significant impact on the skin's condition, and it's crucial for you to adopt good sun protection habits. Daily sunscreen use, protective clothing, and avoiding the sun during peak intensity hours can help keep your skin in its current state. A holistic approach to managing your skin involves more than just skincare. A balanced diet, adequate sleep, and stress management techniques are essential.

Your current skin condition is excellent – this is the goal that many people strive to achieve. But maintaining this requires ongoing care and attention. Persist in your excellent work on your path to healthy skin. Your efforts have led your skin to this stage, and continued diligence will keep it here. You've done a tremendous job, and we're here to support you in keeping your skin in great health.

DETECZEMA - Clear | Almost Clear



DETECZEMA - Clear | Almost Clear


Maintain Barrier Integrity

The primary objective is to preserve the integrity of the skin's natural protective barrier to prevent future flare-ups or episodes of eczema.

Hydration Maintenance

Keep the skin optimally hydrated to fend off any dryness, often a precursor to eczema flare-ups.

Lifestyle Management

Proactively manage lifestyle factors such as stress, diet, and exposure to potential allergens or irritants to avoid triggering eczema flare-ups

Sustain Epidermal Health

Use products with essential fatty acids and other barrier-reinforcing ingredients to maintain the health of the skin's outermost layer.